And the IT’S NOT MY JOB! award goes to: the stucco crew at one of my listings who couldn’t be bothered to unhook the hose and literally stuccoed it to the house. You can’t remove it now without chipping around and damaging the finish work. Geez…

WITCH PREVENTION:  I showed a property earlier this week and was so charmed by its potential that Hubby asked to see it too. One of the features was this crazy, crooked chimney which was very worrisome to buyers. Eagle eye Hubby immediately pointed out that the chimney had been constructed that way on purpose, was quite sturdy, and the crutch was useless. Why would they do this? He didn’t know so I Googled it and it is an old-fashioned thing – predominantly seen in the Northeast. They are called Witches Bend (or Witches Crook) chimneys. For exterior cosmetic reasons people want their chimney to exit perfectly at the peak; and chimneys function better when they can draw from the highest point on the roof. But inside the house the logical fireplace location doesn’t always align. So, the skilled mason bends the chimney in the attic. (In this case the house had been converted from an old barn and the chimney was in the former loft area). Why witches? Because witches can only fly in straight lines and can’t enter your house through a crooked chimney! Good to know…

SKETCHY ELECTRICAL: I was sorting through photos on my computer and ran into this doozy I took a few years ago. Needless to say, I advised my buyers to get an electrical inspection.

ORANGE SHAG: The photo doesn’t quite capture the Bronco orange color of this shag carpet I encountered this week. Why did we ever think this was a good idea? 
WORM BRUTE: My daughter spied this little fellow in the driveway of our current flip. He seems to be a very hard worker. I wonder if he needs a job
I discovered this small school bus built into the hillside of an off-grid property. It had been converted to living quarters.

Don’t we wish… daughter Angela Styers is doing demo work at our current project house and found this old newspaper ad in the walls…

TREE FACES – sold a house to an artistic young couple and these tree faces were already in the yard!

A client, so pleased with the house I found for him, made me this bowl in his new workshop. It is a gift I treasure and keep on display in my dining room.
Adding a little curb appeal to my house…an old dining room chair with a broken seat. Two cans of spray paint and a few flowers. I love the result!

I like to add small, fun details to my project houses. I never spend much money – but people notice. This was over the door of one of my tiny houses. 

THIS TIME THE LATE BIRD GOT THE WORM! I had planned to stage the front deck of this project with some colorful Adirondack chairs. But the project went long, and I didn’t get them ordered and by the time I was ready there were only end of the season leftovers in gray. So I paid a trip to my local Habitat store and found these two chairs for $5 each. They were the standard brown wood; but the seats were already covered with colorful striped fabrics and the chairs were super sturdy. I used the same red paint we used on the front door. An added bonus was the fact that the mums had been marked down for the end of the season too. A friend made the cute sunflower and sold it to me for $20 (alas – the wind carried it off eventually). Tardiness forced me to be creative and cost me less than $40!

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