Teri & Evie the chicken

Welcome to Rejuvenation Homes – a different real estate company. This is a photo of me with one of my chickens (Evie). The overalls were worn out legitimately with hard work and the gray hairs were earned!

My company has two components. I am a real estate broker; eager to help both buyers and sellers navigate their housing transactions. I am respectful of your budget and listen carefully to your preferences. I am active in the real estate investment community and also network with my fellow Metro Brokers. It isn’t unusual for me to know about a deal way before it becomes public.

I am also a property flipper; and have been for decades – way before it was “in”. When my talented subs and I complete a property you can rest assured that the work was done right & to code. I try to give my properties a little extra sparkle when compared to others of similar size & age. Check out our “completed properties” photos to see some of our recent work.

If you have any real estate questions please feel free to reach out. I enjoy sharing!

Copyright July 2018

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