Fame and Fortune


FAME: Recently two different entities have reached out and requested interviews with me that are now available on YouTube.

The first was James Wise of Holton-Wise Real Estate and we specifically discussed a recent flip of mine that wasn’t terribly profitable. But I had a great time with this walk of shame; and I think he asked good questions.


The second interview was with Eric DuCommun of Ducommun Properties. He is an airline pilot / investor and had a one day layover here. We met on Main St. and discussed Grand Junction and why it is a great place to invest now; and also talked a little about my current flip project. I want to state that during the breakfast interview with Eric, I ate only one half of a bagel – yet I appear to be gobbling, chewing & swigging apple juice the entire time. Not terribly flattering… But Eric also asked good questions and went to the trouble to create a little footage of local scenery (and he paid for breakfast!).


Now if I only had a connection at Bigger Pockets… that would be a bucket list interview.

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